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Strategy Map for the Northern Rangelands Trust

The strat­e­gy of improved graz­ing in com­mu­ni­ty con­ser­van­cies applies to a broad area of pas­toral­ist com­mu­ni­ties in North­ern Kenya (Fig­ure 13). Range­land with­in exist­ing and emerg­ing con­ser­van­cies cov­ers 10 mil­lion acres. The long term con­ser­va­tion vision is to expand to oth­er applic­a­ble areas, which could more than dou­ble the acreage ben­e­fit­ted by this strat­e­gy. As this exam­ple illus­trates, strat­e­gy map­ping need not be com­pli­cat­ed. Even sim­ple maps of antic­i­pat­ed geo­graph­ic extent of a project are impor­tant because they facil­i­tate the abil­i­ty of stake­hold­ers to weigh in on how a strat­e­gy may be affect­ed by pol­i­tics, cli­mate, or oth­er vari­ables and to have a shared under­stand­ing of how large the impact of a strat­e­gy could be.

A simple strategy map showing geographic extent of improved grazing in Northern Kenya

Fig­ure 13