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Phase 3: Finalize Outcomes & Develop Measures

  1. Artic­u­late The­o­ry of Change. Con­vert draft min­i­mum goal state­ments into spe­cif­ic out­comes based on insights gained in devel­op­ing results chain and strat­e­gy maps. Artic­u­late the prob­lem, the solu­tion, and why your orga­ni­za­tion or team is posi­tioned to imple­ment the solu­tion, in a suc­cinct way that col­leagues, part­ners, stake­hold­ers and fun­ders can under­stand and support.
  2. Define Mea­sures and Cre­ate a Mon­i­tor­ing and Eval­u­a­tion Plan. Explain how essen­tial evi­dence gaps and mon­i­tor­ing needs will be filled to deter­mine project suc­cess or fail­ure, mit­i­gate legal and rep­u­ta­tion­al risk, avoid and mit­i­gate neg­a­tive impacts, influ­ence oth­ers to repli­cate and lever­age work, sat­is­fy donor expec­ta­tions, and adap­tive­ly use mon­i­tor­ing and eval­u­a­tion infor­ma­tion to man­age the project.