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  1. Ensure that strate­gies and work­plans adapt based on results of mon­i­tor­ing and eval­u­a­tion, unin­tend­ed con­se­quences, new oppor­tu­ni­ties, and oth­er changes in conditions.
  2. Share lessons learned via rel­e­vant pathways.
  • Affir­ma­tion or revi­sion of work­plan and the­o­ry of change
  • Annu­al report that explains progress to date and cap­tures lessons learned

If your eval­u­a­tion reveals that your strat­e­gy is not on track — or even if it is on track, but cir­cum­stances have changed — you may need to adapt your strat­e­gy and workplan.

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  • Review the Situation Analysis.

    • Consider changes in partner capacity.

    • Identify and evaluate new opportunities.

  • Review progress against stated outcomes.

  • Revise theory of change and/or workplan.

  • Share lessons learned.

    • Any changes in strategy or implementation approach are worth sharing.

Minimum Standard Questions
  1. Have you reviewed the results of monitoring, analyzed the data, and drawn conclusions about impacts and implications?
  2. If anticipated progress is not being made, was workplan, or staffing capacity, or theory of change revised?
  3. If the strategy currently being implemented is substantively different from what was initially planned, was it re-evaluated to ensure that it will still achieve goals, will incur acceptable risks and is supported by evidence?
  4. Has the information been shared with stakeholders in a format appropriate to the particular audience?


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