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Finalize Outcomes and Develop Measures

Once a strat­e­gy is select­ed, and before we take action, it is impor­tant to sum­ma­rize the con­clu­sions reached in the pre­ced­ing steps in a for­mat that oth­ers out­side the plan­ning process can under­stand. This sum­ma­ry comes in the form of a the­o­ry of change, which clear­ly artic­u­lates the con­ser­va­tion chal­lenge your team is try­ing to solve, the strate­gies you will use to solve them, and the result­ing out­comes. Out­comes should spec­i­fy what improve­ments to con­ser­va­tion tar­gets and con­nect­ed human well-being will be achieved in a way that is geo­graph­i­cal­ly spe­cif­ic, mea­sure­able and time-bound. In addi­tion, the the­o­ry of change should explain why your orga­ni­za­tion or team is the appro­pri­ate one to imple­ment these strate­gies, and whether enabling con­di­tions or exter­nal oppor­tu­ni­ties or threats moti­vate imple­men­ta­tion of the strat­e­gy at the present time.

Steps For This Approach
  1. Articulate Theory of Change
  2. Define Measures and Create a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan