Draft a Minimum Goal Statement

  1. Define what constitutes the lowest acceptable threshold for success, for nature and connected outcomes for human well-being.
  2. Provide direction as to the magnitude of change needed, against which strategies can be compared.
  • A minimum goal statement that is specific, measurable, and time bound.
  • Description of strength of available evidence for the minimum goal statement.

In the course of drafting a minimum goal statement, your team should reach agreement on what constitutes a sufficient amount of change in the key challenges to contribute to systemic change. You will be setting a minimum bar that will be used to screen strategies, ensuring that any that go forward will have sufficient impact.



An important note about terminology: The terminology of CbD 2.0 that links actions and intended results (i.e., strategies to outcomes) is consistent with Open Standards goals and objectives guidance while also serving the Conservancy's organizational needs. The minimum goal statement generated during this component of CbD 2.0 will later be finalized into an outcome statement. Please see Appendix I for a crosswalk of commonly used terms to describe actions and intended results, including the terms used by the Conservancy in CbD 2.0.

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  • Review evidence to determine any socially or scientifically identified thresholds for improving identified challenges.

  • Define acceptable threshold of change for each problem that all relevant stakeholders agree would constitute success.

    • Consider the temporal scale of the project when setting goals.

    • Minimum goals should be set for specific conservation outcomes

    • Minimum goals for people should be specific and connected to conservation.

    • The goal may reflect contributions from multiple actors.

  • Describe evidence for the goal statement.

Minimum Standard Questions
  1. Does the minimum goal describe a vision for conservation success consistent with the long term viability of conservation targets and systemic improvement in connected elements of human well-being? Note that the minimum goal may be an important intermediate result that will enable the team to achieve the outcomes of the project over a time period that extends beyond the plan.
  2. Do key stakeholders agree that the minimum goal is sufficient and representative of their interests at the intersection of conservation?
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How can we know what our organization should be held accountable for if the goal can include outcomes from the collective actions of partners?
What if anticipated strategies can achieve more than the minimum threshold – should the goal reflect the maximum outcomes we hope to achieve?
What are some examples of how to identify a minimum threshold?

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