Implement Strategy Using Sound Project Management

  1. Use project management best practices to implement strategy
  • Charter
  • Workplan
  • Budget
  • Stakeholder engagement plan

This is where the rubber hits the road. As you prepare to implement your strategy, you will need to evaluate your staff capacity, clarify roles and responsibilities, draft a workplan and budget, use good project management principles to guide your work, and continue to build your stakeholders’ engagement.

(ALL INTERNAL AND LIMITED EXTERNAL RIGHTS) Passion Pictures crew film Samburu warriors digging wells for their cattle in Sara Conservancy in Northern Kenya for “Earth – A New Wild”. Photo credit: © Ami Vitale

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  • Draft a charter for your project team.

  • Draft a workplan, budget, and fundraising plan.

    • Identify a no-go cutoff.

  • Determine capacity needs.

    • Consider near-term and long-term costs.

    • Consider building capacity with partners.

  • Determine when and how to engage stakeholders.

  • Monitor the progress of your strategy.

Minimum Standard Questions
  1. Does your charter identify the roles required to implement the project and specify decision-making authorities?
  2. Does your workplan include a timeline that specifies when conservation outcomes will be achieved?
  3. Do you know where additional capacity is needed and have a plan to build or obtain capacity needs?
  4. Do you know when and how you will engage and inform stakeholders during implementation?


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