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Implement Strategy Using Sound Project Management

  1. Use project man­age­ment best prac­tices to imple­ment strategy
  • Char­ter
  • Work­plan
  • Bud­get
  • Stake­hold­er engage­ment plan

This is where the rub­ber hits the road. As you pre­pare to imple­ment your strat­e­gy, you will need to eval­u­ate your staff capac­i­ty, clar­i­fy roles and respon­si­bil­i­ties, draft a work­plan and bud­get, use good project man­age­ment prin­ci­ples to guide your work, and con­tin­ue to build your stake­hold­ers’ engagement.

(ALL INTERNAL AND LIMITED EXTERNAL RIGHTS) Pas­sion Pic­tures crew film Sam­bu­ru war­riors dig­ging wells for their cat­tle in Sara Con­ser­van­cy in North­ern Kenya for “Earth — A New Wild”. Pho­to cred­it: © Ami Vitale

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  • Draft a charter for your project team.

  • Draft a workplan, budget, and fundraising plan.

    • Identify a no-go cutoff.

  • Determine capacity needs.

    • Consider near-term and long-term costs.

    • Consider building capacity with partners.

  • Determine when and how to engage stakeholders.

  • Monitor the progress of your strategy.

Minimum Standard Questions
  1. Does your charter identify the roles required to implement the project and specify decision-making authorities?
  2. Does your workplan include a timeline that specifies when conservation outcomes will be achieved?
  3. Do you know where additional capacity is needed and have a plan to build or obtain capacity needs?
  4. Do you know when and how you will engage and inform stakeholders during implementation?


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  1. Olivia

    I have found this arti­cle from the Stan­ford Social Inno­va­tion Review to be a use­ful resource as I think about how to fos­ter and main­tain effec­tive col­lab­o­ra­tions, which will be nec­es­sary to achieve most if not all of our sys­tems change goals. It includes a case study of the San­ta Cruz Moun­tains Stew­ard­ship Net­work which was formed in late 2014.

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