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Strategy and Opportunity Mapping

  1. Artic­u­late and doc­u­ment assump­tions required for mapping
  2. Map expect­ed sta­tus of con­ser­va­tion and human goals with­out strategy
  3. Map poten­tial extent of each can­di­date strat­e­gy, con­sid­er­ing enabling con­di­tions and inter­me­di­ate results for each can­di­date strategy
  4. Refine poten­tial extent to reflect orga­ni­za­tion­al resources and capacity
  5. Map and quan­ti­fy expect­ed change in sta­tus of con­ser­va­tion and human goals with each strategy
  6. Cal­cu­late impact (i.e., change between step #2 and step #4) for nature and people
  7. Esti­mate costs, cal­cu­late return on investment