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What do you do when there is not a wealth of peer-review data to rely upon to do your analysis at appropriate scale?

  • Use best avail­able infor­ma­tion (experts, jour­nal arti­cles, dis­ag­gre­gat­ed data, etc.). Doc­u­ment so that it can be refined in the future as new data becomes available.
  • Don’t use num­bers as the only way to pri­or­i­tize evi­dence. Include con­cepts and future trends.
  • Con­vert what you can to per­cent­ages and look at magnitude.
  • Be will­ing to do sub­jec­tive pri­or­i­ti­za­tion using qual­i­ta­tive and sin­gle-sto­ry data.