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Complete the links in the results chain.

Iden­ti­fy any addi­tion­al inter­me­di­ate steps that are nec­es­sary pre­cur­sors to achiev­ing out­comes. In con­trast to con­ser­va­tion and human well-being out­comes, inter­me­di­ate results tend to be near­er-term and are pre­con­di­tions for achiev­ing an out­come (e.g., build­ing a con­sor­tium to sup­port a pol­i­cy change; prov­ing that a new sus­tain­able finance mech­a­nism func­tions as intend­ed; devel­op­ing a plan for major addi­tions to a nation­al park sys­tem). Explic­it­ly includ­ing inter­me­di­ate results is impor­tant because they are used for: iden­ti­fy­ing indi­ca­tors for mon­i­tor­ing, defin­ing go/no-go deci­sion-points, dis­cern­ing risks, enabling ear­ly detec­tion of nec­es­sary strat­e­gy changes, and artic­u­lat­ing impor­tant ear­ly results for donors.