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Consider both ROI and achievement of minimum goal.

First con­sid­er ROI, and iden­ti­fy those strate­gies that have rel­a­tive­ly high ROI. Then ask whether those strate­gies can be scaled to achieve the stat­ed min­i­mum goal. If not, the high ROI strat­e­gy might still be pur­sued, but would need to be sup­ple­ment­ed with addi­tion­al strate­gies to achieve the min­i­mum goal. For exam­ple, elim­i­nat­ing over-appli­ca­tion of fer­til­iz­er could be a high ROI strat­e­gy for reduc­ing nutri­ent pol­lu­tion (e.g. by edu­cat­ing farm­ers to reduce inputs and increase their prof­its). How­ev­er, this might only lead to a 10% reduc­tion in nutri­ent pol­lu­tion, short of the 40% min­i­mum goal. In this case, con­sid­er sup­ple­ment­ing the high ROI strat­e­gy with addi­tion­al strategies.