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Consider the temporal scale of the project when setting goals.

For exam­ple, how long will it take to achieve sys­temic change that results in endur­ing improved con­ser­va­tion pri­ma­ry inter­est sta­tus and human well-being? It is pos­si­ble that the min­i­mum goal will be a ‘means’ state­ment aimed at a pol­i­cy or prac­tice change (i.e., water fund) that is achiev­able in 10 years. And that the health of the con­di­tion of the con­ser­va­tion pri­ma­ry inter­est (i.e., water qual­i­ty) will be improved after policy/practice imple­men­ta­tion (i.e., beyond 10 years). An under­stand­ing of what the ulti­mate goal or out­come the team is striv­ing for might be use­ful, but then ask the team how much progress might be achie­ve­able with­in the plan­ning timeframe.