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Determine capacity needs.

Assess cur­rent staff and part­ner capac­i­ty and needs and devel­op a plan for meet­ing those needs. Devel­op a sum­ma­ry of full staffing needs, com­par­ing needs with avail­able exist­ing capac­i­ty and iden­ti­fy­ing need for new hires. For each indi­vid­ual asso­ci­at­ed with the project, esti­mate the per­cent of their time that will be spent on the project. Iden­ti­fy any addi­tion­al train­ing that staff may require to effec­tive­ly imple­ment the project, and be sure to include the cost of that train­ing in your bud­get. Con­ser­van­cy staff can search learn@tnc for rel­e­vant train­ings and webi­na­rs; train­ings on are open to everyone.