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Determine when and how to engage stakeholders.

Stake­hold­er engage­ment can be impor­tant in all stages of project devel­op­ment, not just the plan­ning stages. This is espe­cial­ly impor­tant when work­ing with indige­nous peo­ples and local com­mu­ni­ties, as con­sul­ta­tion through­out the life cycle of a project is crit­i­cal to ensur­ing social safe­guards are being imple­ment­ed; Free, Pri­or and Informed Con­sent is con­sis­tent­ly being pur­sued; and local knowl­edge is respect­ed and incor­po­rat­ed as appro­pri­ate. Deter­mine how and when you with con­sult with and update stake­hold­ers dur­ing the pro­jec­t’s implementation.