Review evidence to determine any socially or scientifically identified thresholds for improving identified challenges.

The point of this step is to reach agree­ment on what a suf­fi­cient amount of change is in the key challenge(s) that con­sti­tutes a con­tri­bu­tion to sys­temic change. This is dif­fer­ent than iden­ti­fy­ing the final goal of the pro­gram (this hap­pens lat­er). The idea here is to set a min­i­mum bar that will be used to screen strate­gies, ensur­ing that any that go for­ward will be suf­fi­cient­ly impact­ful. An alter­na­tive approach that choos­es the most impact­ful strat­e­gy con­sid­ered may fail to choose strate­gies that con­tribute to sys­temic change.