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Evaluate potential contribution toward goals for each strategy.

As quan­ti­fied in the strat­e­gy map­ping step, com­pile the antic­i­pat­ed ben­e­fits for each min­i­mum goal ele­ment for each strat­e­gy. If any of these ben­e­fits were not quan­ti­fied in the Strat­e­gy Map­ping step, quan­ti­fy them now. A cat­e­gor­i­cal deter­mi­na­tion of impact is accept­able, but the cat­e­gories should rep­re­sent a spe­cif­ic numer­i­cal range (e.g. 1,000–5,000 acres of habi­tat) rather than qual­i­ta­tive cat­e­gories (high, medi­um, low). What­ev­er approach is used, it should be con­sis­tent among strate­gies to facil­i­tate comparison.