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Share lessons learned.

Cap­tur­ing and shar­ing evi­dence and knowl­edge is nev­er more impor­tant than when strate­gies and results are assessed through eval­u­a­tion, and adap­tive changes are made. The process you have just gone through, of review­ing your progress and adapt­ing your strat­e­gy, has been rich with new evi­dence, insights, and learn­ing. This is one of the most impor­tant steps at which to con­sol­i­date, doc­u­ment, and share what you have learned. Fol­low the steps laid out in Phase 1, Iden­ti­fy Chal­lenges and Goals, Step 4, Share Advances in Knowl­edge through Rel­e­vant Path­ways, (link), to ensure that you are con­tribut­ing your new evi­dence to the evi­dence base and shar­ing your knowl­edge with oth­ers who will benefit.