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Systematically consider the full set of human well-being focal areas (Figure 3) when identifying relevant groups and considering how conservation and nature affect human well-being. Validate human well-being focal areas and components with stakeholders to ensure components are locally relevant.

It can be tempt­ing to focus on famil­iar aspects of human well-being. It can also be tempt­ing to focus only on aspects of human well-being iden­ti­fied by stake­hold­ers which con­ser­va­tion may have lit­tle or no pow­er to affect. Final­ly, it can be tempt­ing to look for avail­able datasets and focus only on aspects of human well-being in those data. Not sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly con­sid­er­ing all aspects of human well-being risks miss­ing major human well-being ben­e­fits and risks.