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Verify that your results chain meets criteria of a good results chain.

A good results chain should meet the fol­low­ing criteria:

  • Starts with a key chal­lenge and ends in a desir­able state.
  • Artic­u­lates spe­cif­ic intend­ed out­comes for con­ser­va­tion tar­gets and human well-being interests.
  • Cap­tures major addi­tion­al out­comes (ben­e­fits and risks).
  • Con­tains links that are based on clear causal con­nec­tions.
  • Is clear about what is chang­ing com­pared to cur­rent con­di­tions as a result of the con­ser­va­tion action.
  • Con­tains suf­fi­cient inter­me­di­ate results to con­struct log­i­cal con­nec­tions toward the desired out­come, such that some­one not famil­iar with the project could fol­low the logic.